10 Signs That Your Sump Pump is in Need of Repairs

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10 Signs That Your Sump Pump is in Need of Repairs


Sump pump is designed to remove water from the foundation of your home, it prevents the chances of flooding in your basement. Like other appliances, the sump pumps must be properly maintained and periodically replaced.

If a sump pump fails to work properly it can open up your basement to water damage and mold growth. You have to understand the warning signs that your sump pump no longer works, then contact the professional plumber to prevent water damages which leads to expensive bills too.

Warning Signs Of Sump Pump Failure

Strange noises

Usually the sump pump makes a low humming sound, but if you hear a loud or unusual noise then it’s time to repair it. Grinding or rattling noise can indicate that there is a serious problem with the impeller or fan.

Failure to turn on 

If your sump pump is not turning on, then it could be due to various reasons. Check if the float switch is stuck, because it might be tangled in the sump basin. Few sump pumps have brackets which will hold the float switch and be the culprit. 

Pump runs continuously

If your sump pump runs constantly, it could indicate a number of problems. It could not be very powerful to hold the water that’s accumulated, or there could be a faulty switch. A switch problem is usually the common problem of a sump pump that runs continuously and can be solved with a simple sump pump repair. If your sump pump is too small, replace it.

Old Age

Sump pumps don’t last forever. The average life expectancy is 10 years, after that you need to check the condition and replace it.

There are several things that affect how long pumps last, including:

  • Frequency of use.
  • Length the pump has to carry water to discharge.
  • The electrical source.
  • The quality.

If your sump pump has come to the end of its lifespan, contact a plumber to inspect it. 

Clogged Pump And Switches

Does your sump pump have a lid? If not, your sump pump will get dirt and other contaminants will form in it, which can lead to clogs that will cause it to slow down or stop eventually.

  • Clogs are caused in several ways, including:
  • Dirt and debris in the sump pit.
  • Dirty mechanical parts.
  • A jammed float switch.
  • Jammed or tangled switches 

Make sure the lid is airtight to prevent further debris from getting into the pit and inspect your sump pit frequently to see if it’s time to repair or replace it.

Constant vibrating

The impeller which allows water into the sump pump, can also draw in debris. If a sump pump vibrates excessively then it could be a sign of a damaged impeller. A bent impeller can’t be repaired. If your sump impeller is bent, it will need to be replaced.

Visible rust

Your sump works with water and gets some rust. If you find rust on your sump pump, it can be due to corroded battery or bacteria, if you leave it untreated then it can eventually clog your plumbing. If you see rust, your sump pump needs a repair immediately.

Motor problems

 If the sump stops working then there’s an issue with the motor. If a motor doesn’t work it can be due to damaged wiring. A failed motor could also be a sign of a damaged filter, or an extension hose that fails to drain the water.

No water in the sump pit. 

If your sump works normally without water in the pit, then it’s time for a sump pump repair. A running sump with a dry pit is due to improper installation or the sump isn’t hooked up to the drainage system.

Tripped circuits. 

If your sump pump constantly trips the circuit breaker, then it could be caused by a damaged switch, damaged wiring, or an insufficient power source.